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In the endless pursuit of idealistic creation, architects from around the globe seek to integrate differing styles, pragmatic principles, and nuanced aesthetics within their valued projects. But sometimes, in order to see the promise of a specific dwelling, all it takes is another set of eyes. Such is the case with South Africa’s Tree House Constantia — an elaborate space that’s been reimagined by leskea ARCHIREPLICA.

The original dwelling, built by Vorster Architecture, is an established escape situated just outside of Cape Town. It’s a collection of tall, cylindrical structures that seek to strike a balance between the area’s naturally sloping environment, various lily-strewn ponds, and expansive treetop views. Red cedar battens adorn the exterior of the dwelling, while laser-cut Corten steel and hand-turned brass components serve to reinforce the home’s various columns. Circular bays, a dining area, and primary socialization space take form in Constantia’s first level — while upstairs, a master bedroom, bathroom, and nook give way to superfluous views of the surrounding treeline.

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ABKCO Films pubblicherà un restauro in 4K di Sympathy For The Devil su DVD, Blu-ray e attraverso servizi digitali in occasione della sua uscita iniziale 50 anni fa.

Uno dei film di riferimento della nuova ondata della fine degli anni '60, diretto dal celebre Jean-Luc Godard, Sympathy for the Devil alterna riflessioni sulla politica contemporanea e questioni sociali della fine degli anni '60, oltre a dare al pubblico una visione senza precedenti di The Il processo creativo dei Rolling Stones nello studio di registrazione lavorando su "Sympathy For The Devil", che diventerà una delle tracce che definiscono la band.

L'allineamento originale dei Rolling Stones di Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts e Bill Wyman è stato affiancato da Nicky Hopkins, Marianne Faithfull, Anita Pallenberg e James Fox nella sessione storica che si è tenuta agli Olympic Sound Studios di Londra nel giugno 1968.

La nuova edizione di Godard Sympathy For The Devil è un restauro in 4K del film dal negativo della fotocamera originale da 35 mm che è stato inizialmente rilasciato nel 1969. La classificazione dei colori è stata supervisionata dal direttore della fotografia originale, Tony Richmond BSC, ASC. Richmond detiene dozzine di crediti come direttore della fotografia tra cui Let it Be, e Don't Look Now di Nicolas Roeg per il quale ha vinto il premio come miglior filmato della BAFTA nel 1973.

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When it comes to off-roading, few vehicles are as purpose-driven in their design as trophy trucks. Unfortunately, that means that most of them pretty much look the same from one to another. But there’s no rule that says you couldn’t have one imbued with sinister styling — like the Desert Storm Trophy Truck by EPTA Design.

This beastly matte-black concept 4×4 shares a lot with its desert-going brethren — including a huge ground clearance, a hefty suspension system, a complete lack of cabin accouterments, a roll cage, and an open bed that houses two huge spare all-terrain tires. But it also has a lot to offer we’ve not seen elsewhere, like exposed carbon fiber body panels, integrated housing for the roof-mounted floodlights, and an aggressively sinister aerodynamic body that looks more like a Batmobile than a trophy truck. We’re not entirely sure if this thing was made for modern racing or as a post-apocalyptic means of transportation. But what we do know is that we very much want one.

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In this short film by Clayton Vila, watch Sean Jordan ride Crested Butte and redefine the American cowboy.

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